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See a day in the life of ME!

I absolutely adore this "Day in the Life of a Teacher" linky! I think it is so much fun to get a peek into other teacher days!
Here is a peek into the life of me! This all took place yesterday!! (obviously)!!
Welp... I forgot to take pictures of my morning routine and honestly a lot of other stuff that took yesterday so we will just talk about the pictures!! :) I decided to snap one on my way to school!! :)
I got to school and basically yesterday was 'catch-up' day. I over-planned last week for the first week of school and with our two day week this week I just used those two days to finish up stuff we didn't get to! Here is my messy desk from yesterday morning! Getting ready for our first craft of the year before the kids arrive!

Here are one of my little kiddos working on their craft! They were so careful and did so great!
Here is their finished product!

Here are their cute crafts in the hallway! Can you tell I'm proud of this one?

 We learning about different feelings yesterday and did some role playing with the emotions you see on the board below. Then students worked with a partner to draw a picture of a 'scenario.' Woohoo new vocabulary!
 After that I introduced students to Sentence Scramblers. This took a good 40 minutes. I did it on the smart board first and then we walked through it together. I really want them to know how to do this successfully because when we begin literacy stations they will do 'Sentence Centers' to work on different sentence concepts.
In math they were introduced to their math notebooks! I think they did a pretty good job for their first entry! (I basically did it for them first on the smart board so they got the idea). I can't wait to see their growth this year!

We did a few other little things that I don't have pictures of but after school I came home and I hung out with my puppies and watched TV and.... went to bed! I have been sick all weekend and still up to this point (KID GERMS) so when I got home I was donezoe!

Yes... this is hard knocks! Bengals style!!
And now back to relaxing I go because...
Are you Jelly?
I am working on a new unit this week and hope to have it posted by Friday! It's a fun one! It's 'How Native Americans use Different Types of Buffalo." There will be a lot of fun activities that tie in with a Social Studies standards for many, many grades! I have this unit up already on Tpt but it needs a MAJOR TLC and I have a ton of activities I do with this in my classroom that I want to integrate into this packet. Stay tuned! :)


  1. I love their craft that the kids made. It turned out really cute! I am your newest follower and can't wait to read more post. If you get a chance I would love for you to check out my blog. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Am I jelly? OF COURSE I AM!

    And I could never do elementary (not enough patience!), but I love the kinds of activities you can do with young kids! That looks like something I would have loved as a student :)


  3. I love seeing into other teacher's days through these kind of posts! Thanks for sharing.

    I just linked up too and my day was totally different than yours...well, by a bit at least. But they were similar at the same time. :-)

    If you have a chance, come check mine out on my blog.