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August/September Curriculum Map!

Heyyy buddies!! This curriculum map is a HUGE task to take on but I am going to stick with it for your & my benefit! I got the August/September part of it finished but I still need to find books to use to cover concepts. This curriculum map is free on Tpt right now and it will be updated each month! It is something  I am actually using so I am trying to make it as meaningful and useful for me and you as possible so next year we all can be ready to go!
Click the cover to check out Aug/Sept!
I hope to have October done and uploaded during the last week in October! I already kind of know what I'm doing but I have to make it perfect for you first! :)
Let me know what you think!! I love me some feedback!-- The good kind ha ha

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  1. Hi....when I click on it, it takes me to TPT and it isn't pulling it up anywhere. Can you help?