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If you can't tell from my header... I just got a whole lotta excited!! Since like March I have been slowly chipping away at a new phonics packet for ew and ue. I haven't really dove right into it because I just felt like wasn't anything special... not engaging enough and frankly... I just wasn't into it so it wasn't my best work (not to say that it's bad *ahem* ;) )

Anyway... searching through blogs...looking at clipart I bought forever ago but haven't decided what I was going to use it for I got an AHA moment!

 So... I am taking a little bit of what I learned in high school chemistry class and combining it with a new ew, ue unit! Sounds like fun already right?!! I think so!... We're also going to add blue paint, sticky stuff and some play dough? of course!
I am also in the search for a children's book about "blue"... Do you know of a good one?!
Here is the cover for it & that's all I have done so far! :) I am so excited! I have a list full of ideas for this and I can't wait to post it for you (and just plain use it for my own room)! Kids are going to go crazy over this!
So... what's the whole point of this post? tell you how excited I am?.. yah, but also to give you what I was working on for UE/EW stuff. I swear it's not bad, but just wasn't exciting enough for me! :)
Click on the cute freebie picture below!

Stay tuned! I hope to have this up soon!
Also, the unit on how Native Americans use different types of buffalo is ALMOST complete! This one is so fun and can be used for grades 1-4. It is so versatile & fun!

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