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Peek At My Week!

What a week it was! I feel 10 steps behind and I am just now catching up right before I hit the hay!!
Here are my visual plans for this week! As, almost always...there are freebies inside! :)
By downloading my lesson plans you will have the link to a great freebie from me as well as great ones from a few others!!
Just click on any of the pictures of my lesson plans and it'll take you to google docs where you can download my plans as a pdf to click on the links.

The freebie that is included in my lesson plans called, "Spin, Flip and Write" is a word work activity that will be out in my desert bins from now on. Basically, all I did was print off short u words. Put them facing backwards under numbers 1-3. Students spin the spinner and flip 1 card around under the number they spun. Then, they read and write the word. Super easy to maintain and great practice!! I can't wait to introduce it to my kids!

Here is a Johnny Appleseed one! We are doing a quick craft on Thursday for his birthday and attaching this to it!

Link up with Dee Dee to share your plans!
I have also finished my new Sentence Centers {Autumn Edition}
I love, love, love using these with my kids!
This week my students are unscrambling 3 sentences!
Included in this one is:
3 sets of fixing sentences centers and recording forms (progressively getting harder or perfect for differentiation)

2 sets of sentence scrambler cards and recording forms.

A fluency Center for students to practice reading fluently
... short vowel sentences
... long vowel sentences
... easy reader sentences
... beginning blends sentences
... recording form for students to write 1 sentence and illustrate to show understanding

Asking and Telling sentence sort and record

Silly Sentences 3 part flip and record

Using pictures and context clues in a sentence center
Welp, I'm off to bed! Sorry for the short post but I am TiReD!
See you later this week!

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