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Peeking into the this week!

Ready to peek into this week!!
I hope so! I've got all kinds of goodies for you embedded in my lesson plans this week!
My students do not have a good understanding of characters in a story so that is all this week is going to be about! I wanted to have a little 'farm' theme this week so I chose the book, "Cindy Moo" by: Lori Mortensen
I am also using bits and pieces of Deanna Jump's Farm unit and some of Fabulous in First Grade's freebies from her farm week!
Here are my plans for this week!
Remember--all kinds of freebie links for my Cindy Moo unit inside along with some other goodies! Make sure to download it as a pdf so you can click on the links!
You will notice that some of what I had on my lesson plans last week are repeated this week. That's because we got canceled and delayed last week! (great week) ;)

I have also... finally.... finished my write the room activity set! I have been making the activities as I go and I finally had some time yesterday to sit and finish the whole thing.
Basically there are 21 activities in here so there are a ton of options that you can pick & choose from!
Thanks to Dee Dee for this weekly linky so we can all share our visual plans!!
<3 it!!
CLick to check out other great bloggers and their plans!!!
Have a great week!!


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  2. Your write the room activites look great! I love write the room...the kids are always so engaged! I just found your blog. You have a lot of great resources!