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Peek into my week!*

My plans this week are once again all about Frogs! I love the frog theme and it is our first mini non-fiction unit! We are going to be filling out our first tree map of the year and pulling information from a non-fiction easy ready to write our own book about frogs! Since, I don't have much time in the day I like to find reading standards that also meet those science standards! Why is it always so hard to fit in science and social studies?!

Check out other plans with Dee Dee!
I have also been working on a short vowel word family sort packet and I finally finished it tonight!
Here it is to check it out!
I promise I will soon be blogging about what I am actually doing in the classroom! It's been a crazy year so far with cheerleading and now with a WEDDING to plan!!
I am backed up on pictures and need to have a blog marathon for like a straight week on here!! :)

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