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Let's Press Rewind Here!

Let's press rewind and do a photo purge of a past week in my classroom! Putting up visual plans is so easy and I do it all the time... but taking the time to actually blog about those plans and what we did in the classroom is a lose-lose situation for me! Time is not on my side here!! But, I am making a point to do it & first up is FROGS!!

We read Froggy books one week and the next week learned some pretty cool stuff about the little creatures! They loved iiiitt!!

This blog post we will just focus on FROGGY! :)

So, we focused on retelling Froggy stories all week!

First up we read this book and we recalled events from the story as a whole class.
Then students completed a reading response sheet where they drew a 2 pictures of their favorite event from the story and wrote 2 sentences about their 2 favorite parts.
Students glued these into their reading notebooks! Love!


The next day the students and I read this book...
When I read this book the kids made me feel like I was comedian of the year...
I had them rolling!!

With this book we focused on comparing and contrasting ourselves with froggy. They love, love, loved doing this. Throughout the whole story they were making connections with themselves so the activity feel perfectly into place!

Last, but not least we focused on recalling 3 of our favorite parts of the story (even though the directions stated otherwise)!

I had the kids draw a picture of each of their favorite parts is sequential order! Then, they were asked to write one word to describe their part. They did a great job and of course LOVED this story!!

We of course had to add a craft to end this Froggy extravaganza!!!

Do you not love their mouths? Love my kids this year!! :)
Here is one of the finished responses!! :)
Our Froggy week was so fun and to add onto the fun and excitement of the week I got one of these...

Guided reading is seriously so much easier now with this little beaut! The kids are not in each others business and it just makes life so much easier!

Since I got this lovely little table I had to completely change my room around and here it is!
It created a better flow to my room and staying organized right now is so much easier! The kids love & I love it! SO--- we end all this with a win-win!!


If you love the froggy stuff then check out Deanna Jump's Froggy Packet!

See you soon!!


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