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Plans, Freebies & Station Rehab x3*

Last week almost tops my list in one of the worst weeks I have literally ever had. I am ready though for a new and exciting week with my kiddos! They keep me smiling each day and forget about all of my worries!

This week is really only going to be a four day week because on Friday we have a 2 hour delay and a Fall Party! Woohoo! But, that isn't stopping me from teaching my little boogers all they need to know about their batty friends and text features!

Monday is my formal observation and I have worked so hard to create something that is going to run super smoothly and hit all those requirements in 1 lesson! So, here is the BAT book!
This week students are learning to identify 10 different text features so we can begin diving deep into non-fiction text! We're going to discuss our schema, identify features and their purposes and then go on a text feature hunt!

I will definitely be doing a post on this unit when finished. But, for now here it is for you to grab up!

Here are the visual plans for this week!
I made a new... pretty in pink template--I needed more room to type! :)
Link your plans up at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!

Click below to get your own editable lesson plan template!!

Last week I began teaching sight words in a new way and OMG my kids loved it!
I simply printed out the sight words on cards, taped them to a piece of paper, put the learning target on top and here it is!

Each day we added two-three sentences. Then on Thursday the kids got out their I-pads and we used an app called screen chomp. The kids wrote their sight word on their I-pad, recorded themselves saying it and then listened to it. Then, once we finished that they wrote the sentences, read them and listened to them. Can you say hello fluency?! PLUS they loved it!!

Now, don't forget I am just a 2nd year teacher who is still trying to figure out my classroom and realizing that my students this year are nothing like my students last year so things have had to change... like stations... so welcome to...

In my classroom I am still trying to tweek stations to make them work because I just haven't figured out what works best for this class. I have tried stations about 4 different ways.
One thing I know about them is... they can only do an activity for about 10 minutes before they're bored---so Daily 5 rotations are back in my classroom with a little twist! They also need some sort of assignment to stay on task and a reward for when they're done. Hence... Cara's dinner and dessert vocabulary that is now used in my room.

Here are some pictures of my new station set up!

This is my new set up for literacy stations. You will see that I have completed part of the recording sheet for the kids so it is a visual reminder of what they are supposed to do.

Each child also now has a folder that contains all of the recording forms for the week. When they go to word work the choose which dinner activity they want to complete. When they go to writing they choose a dinner activity to complete. Once all activities in their folder are completed then they get to go to dessert! I am going to have them keep all of their recording forms in their folders all week and on Friday we will empty our folders and fill them with next weeks recording forms.

I am hoping that this works and to help keep them accountable and organized. Their folders will always go back in the blue basket so their papers and folders do not get lost!

I always keep my math station and literacy station set up about the same so the kids do not get confused. Only difference with math is they complete 1 activity per day (by choice) and then they can complete their desert bin!

In their file folders are their recording forms for a week. The different colored file folders also identify ability level in math. For instance, students who have yellow and orange file folders are my extra support/at level students. The red are my advanced students. So, in my advanced students folders I put a different activity that is built to challenge them a bit more. So, in return they are not completing the, "what's missing' activity because they have beyond mastered it!

This is what is working in my stations....

 Students are grasping the concepts and working together! :) Just keeping track of and knowing to finish all of our work is the trouble part. :) We will get it!!

Here are some freebies that I put into my desert bins this week. Just click the picture!!

Now, to end this post I need to give a big thank you to these two! They came to school with my on a Saturday night to help me cut and revamp all of my stuff! They got Chipotle out of it so they weren't to upset! :)

Fiancé on the right and soon to be cousin in law on the left! :)


  1. Thank you for the fabulous freebie!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the bat freebie! I just wanted to let you know I caught a couple of typos on the species page, where you talk about the way to tell what type of bat it is. Hope you can fix them before you print it!! Have a great week and a very happy Halloween!

    1. Hi Christy! All fixed! Thanks for letting me know!!