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5 for Fra-Turdayy!

Do you notice anything fancy and shiny brand new here?!
I have finally taken the deep plunge and got a new blog design!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
If you're looking to get a blog re-vamp then check out parker! He is super easy to work with!
My favorite day of school arrived this week and it was pajama day!!! I snapped a few pictures of myself in my comphies!
Seriously, why can't we just wear pajamas each day? The kids and I were just comfortable all day & for some reason... they were super quiet?! Which is very unusual for my class this year which brings me to my #3...
This week I about had it (except for pajama day for some reason) with my kids constantly talking and taking wayyyyyy to long to get their work done. So I randomly came up with this... 
This is nothing fancy but it works! Each time I have to tell the class to be quiet they get a tally. Now, I have to do this a lot and I really do not like taking away recess priviladges (I think I've done it 3 times?!). So, when the class gets 5 tallies they all lose 1 minute of recess. The first day I did this they lost 2 minutes. This day they obviously only lost 1 minute. I have a designated tally marker each day and they pay attention for when I have to warn the class to be quiet. I simply look at that students and they just know.
It's the strangest thing though... they all can't wait to be the tally marker? I think they're just wanting to write on the infamous whiteboard! :)
This week was all about odd and even numbers in math so I just wanted to share this adorable pumpkin with you! Yes, this was Cara Carroll inspired and my colleague and I just changed the recording sheet to odd and even pumpkins!
A post all about my even and odd lessons will be coming soon!
Isn't this little guy just the cutest thing?1
This week my fiancé (still sounds weird) and I made a home made pizza. When I say he and I... I should really just say he... you can see why below!!
The only part I really played in this whole thing was... eating it! ha! He doesn't like to let me cook too much because I always find a way to mess it up. :) Cooking it just not my niche!
Thanks for visiting my Random 5! I am always so excited when I have a time to join in on the fun!

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