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Peek At My Week!

It's a short one tonight! Just dropping by to let you in on our week and show you some odd and even fun from last week!!
This week is all about Biscuit and learning to recall the main idea & details.
I'm excited to finally combine all we've learned about characters and sequencing stories in order to write about some wonderful Biscuit summaries!
Make sure you check out my plans because inside there are...
I'd love a comment to see what you think about the freebies?!
Check out other plans at Mrs. Will's K!
Last week in math we spent two days on odd and even fun and of course it was all inspired by non other than Cara Carroll (this lady just needs to be in my room)!!
First, we watched this adorable video a few times and sang along!
Seriously, this is so cute!
Then, I introduced them to my version of Even Steven and Odd Todd.
We shared candy corn between Steven and Todd and began understanding the differences between even and odd numbers. In the process I wrote numbers on their shirts (notice: the very crooked 8)
Then, I sent the kids off to sort their candy corn and identify if their amount was even or odd. Then they wrote their name on a paper plate, and placed it by Steven or Todd!

Then, we went over if all of the numbers to determine if they were even and odd!
After that the kids got a short brain break/snack until we moved onto our craft!

After our candy corn fun the kids completed an odd and even pumpkin sort. To add some flair to the paper they added their pumpkins! I gave them pretty much all the freedom in the world with this and I love how all of their personalities shine through in their little pumpkins! :) 

The next day the students completed the odd and even sort from Cara!
This lesson was such a blast! I highly recommend doing this with your littles!!


  1. I love that video! We are working on even and odd this week. I can't wait to show it to my students!


  2. Looks like you have another busy week. I love your Even Steven and Odd Todd. Thanks for sharing.