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Fun New Stations & A Freebie Peek!!!

Before I get to rambling this week and sharing some station fun I will give you the visual plans right away!!
Here are my plans for the week and as you will notice I am not going in tomorrow because I am sicker than a darn dog right now! I was out Friday and I am a little better but no where near ready to be in a classroom with 21 little kiddos!
Tomorrow I have the sub using a lot of my "Introducing Action Verbs" packet to review and introduce how to use action verbs with my kiddos. I am upset that I don't get to use it. But, it is very user friendly and it'll really make the day go smoothly tomorrow!
Check out other plans at Mrs. Will's K!
On Tuesday we are starting my FAVORITE unit of all time! I came up with the idea while student teaching and I have tweaked it since and taught each year to my kids! (you know... my whole 1 other year of teaching ha ha)
It is a great way to get some social studies standards in as well as hit a lot of the CCSS! It is all about how those Native Americans used to use the Buffalo to survive! This is a unit that encourages lots and lots of discussion! The kids ooo and ahhh throughout the whole unit! I can't wait to post photos for you!
This week when I return I am also going to try the whole Guided Math and Math Workshop thing again. I tried it at the beginning of the year but my kids weren't able to be independent enough to complete activities on their own (no matter how easy I made them)
So, I read up on  Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits to figure out how to make this work in first grade.
Reading up on all that inspired me to really use the kids Math Journals even more than I already am. So, that inspired this weeks freebie for you!
I wanted to make journal activities that didn't take a lot of reading in order for the kids to figure out what they're supposed to do. Each day before rotations I am going to pass out their activity to them and have them slip it in their notebook so its already there when they go to their rotation.
I plan to make a great big math journal packet but for now.... these are free for you!
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Next up!.............NEW STATIONS!!!
These thanksgiving stations that I just created are literally the cutest ones I've created thus far!! They were so cute that I even had to print them out in color and take pictures of some of them for you!
Here are some of the literacy stations that my kids are doing this week!
Making CVC or four letter words!
Using word families to make words with beginning blends.
This one is a great one for differentiation! There are a ton of different word families!
 Sorting words based on their beginning digraphs.
 Sorting asking and telling sentences here.
My kids are really getting good at these!!
Here are my kids Math Tubs for the week! :)
They will be sorting addition problems and identifying if they are less than, equal to more or more than 10!
 They will be sorting even and odd numbers this week! They still need some support for this so I made a mat with cute little manipulatives for them to use.
 In small group on Tuesday we will be sorting these cards and filling out a recording sheet.
 Sorting addition problems again--this one will be a challenge but a little challenge is always good. They will have their number grid, manipulatives and number line to use here.
 Students will use nickels and pennies here to make the amount on the card and they will record their answers. I know this is not a first grade standard but our curriculum asks us to teach it and my kids are actually doing really well this year with money!
There are a few more things in the Thanksgiving station pack but that's all I have printed for now!
Have a great week and I hope to feel better soon!
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