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Proper Noun Fun & New Winter Stations!!!

I have decided that each Monday in my class we are going to focus on a language strand. The past two weeks this has been successful! Here is our simple dimple proper noun lesson from today! I LOVED it & the kids learned and talked about those proper nouns (with Patty) all day long!

To begin the lesson we made sure we could identify nouns in a sentence. We completed a quick activity here. Students just read a simple sentence and circled the nouns.

They did pretty well with this so then I gathered all the students on the rug and introduced their learning target to them.
Then, I game each student a sentence strip...

Their sentence strips had 'their' name in a sentence that related to them. They were laughing so hard at their sentences!! *Engagement?...Check!!
Anyway, I send students off with their reading buddies and they had to go read their sentences three times (fluency practice) and then find the nouns in their sentence and circle them. About 90% of them got it!
Then we came back and discussed proper nouns and decided which were common nouns and proper nouns in our sentence strips.
By this point they understood that Names were proper nouns.
Next up... I introduced, "Proper Noun Patty," in poem form!
We read the poem a few times, discussed the proper nouns in the poems and circle them.
We came up with common nouns so then students realized the different between the proper nouns and the common nouns in the poem. We just wrote these on the smart board.

After all this jazzy stuff it was time for stations. For their independent work students completed Mrs. Wheelers Common and Proper noun sort.
You can grab her freebie HERE. -- or just click on the picture above.
Tomorrow for word work students will be putting together puzzles from my Thanksgiving Literacy and Math Stations unit!
One more thing!!! I just posted my winter literacy stations and they are all about those language strands! I hope you will check it out!
This is on sale for the next 24 hours!
Grab them while you can!! :)
These are the concepts covered in this packet!
I can't wait to print and make these!!


--Syllables (1, 2, 3)

--Noun, Verb, Adjective (2 sets)

--Past, present and future verb sort

--Conjunction sentences (or, so, because)

--Asking, Telling, Exciting sentences

--Compound Words

-Contractions (is, not, will, are)

--ABC Order

--Story response forms included (story elements, beginning, middle, end (interactive journal), problem and solution (interactive).

--2 inference writing mini-activities

--1 opened ended writing station activity
Have a Fannntabulous night!!


  1. Great ideas! Love the blog!


  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


  3. This is such a cute way to teach common and proper nouns. I can't wait to try this with my kiddos.
    I am happy to have had a chance to view your newest centers. They are too cute!

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