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Week Revised == SNOWDAY!

You all know that feeling when you phone starts making noises in the morning and first you think... time to wake up already? But, then you realize that, "Hey! That's not my alarm... that would be that ringtone that arrives the morning of a school delay!" Then, you reset your alarm, sleep for two more hours and the entire time you're thinking... come on second phone call... cancel, cancel, cancel... because let's face it... 2 hours delays send the kids into haywire mode and nothing gets accomplished!! Well, before my alarm went off I got that phone call... and you would have thought the Bengal's scored a touchdown! My arms went up and I said that infamous, "yessssssss!!"
Now, onto the revised plans for the week! You will notice that they are all over the place this week.
1. It's because there are so many fun things I want to do and we only have 2 weeks to fit it all in!
2. It's because today was a snow day. As excited as I am about these lovely days... I also get bummed when they happen because they always means something has got to go. It might be something fun this week or something fun next week!
Onward ...
Click on the plans to see a bigger version!
As always I liked up with Dee Dee!!
Later this week I will be sharing some photos from my new gingerbread man unit so stay tuned! 
Also, if you are introducing Magic E, Sneaky E... you know.... the E guy... then you need to check out this unit from 'First Grade Wow.' I LOVE this blog! She has so many great ideas and units and they're all free!
This week we are kicking off a reindeer study with a reindeer book read and a retell craft!
Continuing with my obsession this is also from First Grade Wow.
I am reading the book from
If you haven't signed up at this website then I high recommend it! There are a tons of free books that you can read to your students. I display these on my smart board. The kids LOVE it! Click below to check out this book!
After we read the book we are going to complete a story retell craft!
Welp, I'm off to be somewhat productive today! :)



  1. I had a snow day Friday and today! It is an awesome feeling but I am not looking forward to making it up in June. :\ Oh well, I have enjoyed having a 4-day weekend! :) Enjoy your snow day. I love your Retelling Rudolph craft!

    Recess and Beyond

  2. Ugh! There is no such thing as 2 hour delays in Chicago! I went to Purdue, though, and they have them all the time in Indiana so coming back to Chicago was quite the reality check! We very very rarely get a snow day unless there's at least a foot of snow but it is the BEST feeling ever!

    Happily Teaching

  3. WOOT! We NEVER get snow days in Alabama =(

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  4. Hi Jessica!! I've recently started reading you're blog so cute and fun!! We're about to start on day three of our snow days!!! Ugh all I can think about are the summer days I'm giving up and how my kids are missing much needed instruction....but ok the kid in me has enjoyed the snow! Shhhhhh!!! ;) Anyways, I look forward to your future blogs and hope you enjoy your snow days!!

  5. Hello! I found your blog through Mrs. Wills “Peek at My Week” Linky. It is so helpful to look at other teacher’s plans and see how I can better my own. Do you have planning twice a day while your students have specials?

    Would love for you to head over and check out my blog and peek at my week!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

    1. I have planning twice a day except for Thursday. Each day the students have a special that lasts 35 minutes. I have planning time then. Then, our students have two recesses. I have duty on one and then planning time on the other but that only equals out to 15 minutes. On Thursday's I have both recess duties but the special lasts for an hour.