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QR Codes & Visual Plans & Freebies Galore!!

Well, Hot Tamales! I am back for a third time this week on this little ol' blog! This week there are freebies included in my visual plans and they can literally be used with any book. I am also breaking out some cute QR code stations that I wanted to show you today! 

These stations are so easy to use and very engaging for the kids. We do have 1:1 I-pads in my district but these are only placed at the I-pad station. So, if you have 3-5 I-pads handy then this could definitely run smoothly within your room.

Scanning QR codes are super easy. All you need to do is download the APP called Qrafter. There is a free one and that one works very well. 

Then, all you need to do is teach the kids to scan! In my packet I have provided a test page for students to practice scanning QR codes. It is very easy and it helps the kids learn to use the text and URL part of Qr codes.

To scan a code you just click (touch) a camera that you see on the screen.

Then, depending on which QR code you scan you will see text - Which you see here...

Or you will click on View URL... & the students will see a picture with the word on it.

Kids LOVE using QR codes and it's a great new way to engage them in literacy activities where they don't even realize they are doing school work!

Each activity comes with a matching recording form.

Now, onto my visual plans for the week! We had two snow days last week so we are playing catch-up on Monday and Tuesday! I hope we get all the fun stuff in this week.

You'll notice I changed my template and that's because it is just easier for me to follow and if by chance I get sick then this is much easier to understand for a sub.
To see my week & grab 2 FREEBIES click on the picture below!

To grab ANOTHER FREEBIE then click below on the fan freebie girl and head on over to my FB page!
This one is from my new Basketball Literacy Stations!

Have a great week everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today! I'd love for you to stick with me and click on the lil' ol' follow button above!


  1. The QR looks like a lot of fun!!! I desperately need to write in to Donor's Choose get iPads in my class!!


  2. Can you post your plans in word/PowerPoint format so I can edit them for myself? I love your outline!!!

  3. Hi Jessica!

    I just purchased your Long O phonics pack from your TPT store, which led me to your blog! I love the Long O activities and your blog is great!

    I am also a 25 year old, first grade teacher and I love it! I am new to the blogging world and I would love for you to check out my blog at Firstie Favorites!! It looks like we have a lot in common in terms of curriculum (based on the products that you are selling). I am your newest follower!!

    Take care,