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Teaching 10 More & 10 Less

This week we are learning all about adding 10 more and 10 less in our first grade classroom. Some students 'get-it' and some students look at me like I have two heads when I'm explaining the patterns and concept to them. It really is a lot to remember... ones place stays the same, go down-add 10, go up-subtract 10, tens place changes by 1...yada yada...!! Well, yesterday and today we drilled it and I am confident that we are ready to move on! Here are the things I did to teach the concept! Nothing to fancy--but, it works! ;)

We began with base 10 blocks. I verbally stated a number and students had to make that number on their table with base 10 blocks. Then I would say, "Now, what is 10 more?" Students took a long and added it to their pile. During all of this they were writing their numbers on their whiteboards. Then I would say make that original number again. Now, what is 10 less. Students took away one long and then wrote down that number. We discussed how the cubes (ones place) never changed when adding and subtracting 10.

I forgot to take pictures so here is a digital visual of what we did!

After we completed this students played a dice roll game that is in our everyday math manual. I actually like it! Students move through the number grid. They roll a dice and if they roll 1 they move 1 or 10 spaces, roll 2 - 2 or 20 spaces and so on. It helps them learn to navigate the number grid and add 10 or 20.

Then, they completed their math journal activity for the day!

Today, we dug into 10 more and 10 less even more. I demonstrated a quick 'game' (aka assessment for me) to see who know what to do.

To play the 'game' each student needs a whiteboard or something to write on. I put my students in groups of 3. They need to take turns picking a middle number. I had students choose any number between 11 and 89. This would take away confusion with 9-10 or 91+10! :) Once the student writes a middle number they lay their board on the ground. Then the other two students in the group need to write the number that is 10 more and 10 less. Students rotate being the middle number person. 

After we completed this I had a few kiddos come to my T.table for extra support for our next activity. Then, the other students completed a 10 more/10 less activity at their seat. With my group that needed more support I broke out the base 10 blocks. These are lifesavers for these kids!

After we completed this we broke out into math workshop mode!! (LOVE)
Students completed their math journal activity for the day and then off to math tubs they went!

I had students who struggled do the 10 more 10 less math tub and I sat with them while we worked on completing it together.

Tomorrow we will be working on 10 more 10 less & 1 more, 1 less (hope that's not to hard) !! ;)

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