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Wordless Wednesday - DAY MADE!

Have you ever received a note from a parent that just made your day? If so you know how I feel right now! My day was totally made today!

Here is a quick little story to give you some background! I have a student who has done awesome all year long - academics = A+, behavior = A++, and A+++ to go with everything else. Well, the past month or so this student has started to misbehave and not do his best on assignments. He has just really been acting... well, odd!! So, the parent and I had a few discussions and it got better about 2 weeks ago and then Monday came.! He was off the handle!! So, I contacted the parent again and she said she was noticing the same thing. I gave her some advice and tips and then hoped it would work. Then, I got an e-mail today from her--she got to the bottom of the issue... and I just couldn't be mad!

Now, obviously this parent did not add all this adorable clipart but you know me... I like the cute stuff!! :) I just retyped the meat of the e-mail that was sent.

So, now here is my question to you and I really LOVE hearing about this stuff!

What is the most touching thing a parent/student has ever said to you?

Comment below! :) 

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  1. I got an email this week...The student told his mom that if going to second grade meant getting a different teacher, he was just fine staying in first with me. Melt my heart.

  2. Parents had their daughter retained and in my class a second year after she spent the first year crying. She didn't talk to anyone but me. The next year I introduced her as my special helper. Students went to her as an expert. She made many friends and never stopped talking. The parents were forever grateful I helped their daughter and never gave up on her.

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