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Update from Ms. Williams--Yep, I'm here!

Can I say sorry for just a short little second? I have literally been MIA for the past month on this blog of mine. I have reasons!! --I'm here to give you some updates!

First and foremost--this girl GOT A JOB!!!
(Yes, I have one now--but, we are moving and I needed a new one)
Yes-- you see it here -- I GET TO STAY IN FIRST GRADE!!!!
I feel like I sound like a student who is flunking bahaha--'stay'!
2. WEDDING PLANNING---- Yes, it's almost done! We just have a few details to complete like center pieces and we are good to go!
We are going to try to re-create this!
mini chalkboard table numbers on mason jar vases
3. I have SLLLLAAAACKEDDDDD on taking pictures in my classroom! We've just been plain old busy---and well honestly--they've been quite ornery and making this teacher just tired!! HA (Still going to miss them though) :'(
Here are some totally random pictures from the classroom that have no connection to one another!
We've been working on our asking and telling sentences. :)
Thank you Amy Lemons!!
I read each sentence out loud and students held up the correct punctuation mark. Then, we taped them on our anchor chart.

We did sorting and writing activities and completed our sentence fun with these cute pocket books from Amy!
We also took a trip to the Toledo Zoo this past week!
Students completed and presented animal reports to the class before we went!
Yes, only one picture! :'(

 Our grass finally grew! :)
Then, of course....stations!! :)
We worked with Synonyms on the GO! 



And.... lot's of guided reading has been taking place in my room!! Not a whole lot to show here!! :) We have been using whiteboards to quickly jot down our thoughts though! I love it!

Alright!...I am not off---The fiancé is bugging me to get off of the computer and go work out... I guess that's a good choice!! :) Be back soon with something more to share that makes a lot more sense!! HA

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