read alouds

Tell them about it!

Yesterday and today my soon to be second graders were hard at work on their letter to my 'new first graders!' We began our letters by having a huge discussion on things we learned and enjoyed this year. We wrote down a ton of ideas on our brainstorming papers and then made our rough drafts. Today, I just wanted to show you the final product! They turned out so CUTE!

The kids took total ownership of their, 'craft.' This is by far my favorite thing that they've done all year! In the letter the students introduced themselves, told their age and told the students how much fun that they will have in first grade. Then, they went into their favorite thing they learned in first grade and their favorite activities they did together. I also asked the students to describe me for the future firsties! Let's just say that these kids know me! :)

Even though they're for next years students I did display them for the students to check out. They loved reading each others paragraphs today.

This one below me right here is one of my favorites. This little girl described me by saying, "She always forgets where she puts things and sometimes she leaves her phone in the fridge." --All I have to say to that isss ...yep! I would lose my head if it was not attached! And...yes... you know you've been there too! You put your phone in your lunch box in the A.M. and then put it in the fridge? Or am I the only one here?! Ha!

I will be back soon for a summer blog hop---freebies and a giveaway too!!!

Wish me luck on my last 2 days with my kids!