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A Class Blog!

Do you send home weekly newsletters each Monday or Friday? Always, always scrambling to make it to the copy machine because...oops, I forgot to make copies of the newsletter! That was always the last thing on my mind and the thing that stressed me out to no end each week! So, solution... a class blog!

This blog is in no way a replacement to this golden gal' right here. It'll double as my weekly newsletter AND a blog for my students to post on! Yes, you heard me correctly... my students will be posting on this blog!!!

I hope parents will LOVE this because they'll get a front seat view into their child's classroom!
 So, how will students do posts on my blog you ask?
Well, first and foremost... it won't start right away... we have lots of other things that are WAY more important than learning how to do a blog post.

When we get to that point though, I will teach students HOW to do it and then I will teach them WHAT to post about.

The possibilities are endless! Students can reflect on learning, review a book, discuss and author, create a how to writing and MUCH more!!

I'm thinking about also doing 'in class' linky parties (which means down the road each student may have their own blog-private of course) and we will have days where students can link up and do a blog post on their own personal blog.

My purpose for this you ask? I want them to become AMAZING writers! I'm not going to make this a requirement but rather a choice during writers workshop and my writers center. Students will still go through the writing process; brainstorming to publishing before finalizing their blog post! Ugh... I'm just excited!

That's about all I have right now... but, I just wanted to share this with you in case you would like to do something similar in your classroom this year!


  1. This is a great idea! I was thinking of either creating a password protected class blog or closed Facebook group in order to easily communicate with parents this year. The blog looks adorable!
    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. Thanks!! I think I will make this private once school begins so I won't need to worry about pictures and such!

  2. I also created a class blog to use this school year.. I share your stress about weekly newsletters and I always thought they were boooring. Hoping that a blog will help me communicate with parents and share resources! Your design is soooo cute! Who designed it?

    Firstie Favorites

    1. Thanks!! I actually designed it and grabbed the background from the cutest blog on the block.