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Here We Go...Peek At My Week!

Well, summer is officially over... I am not sad about it either... I'm one of those crazy people that LOVES going back to school! I think I'll especially love it this year because I'm teaching third grade!! I can't wait for all the fun I get to have with my thirdies!! They're all so adorable and super 'spunky' so far.. (Meet the Teacher night tells a lot)!! ;)

Before we begin; a pep talk... from kid president!...This is inspiring!

Also, another inspiring video before you begin your year... this one is great, especially if you have students that need extra support.

Here are my plans for the first week of school. You can see here that I am an over-planner... I'll probably copy other stuff too from my Back to School packet for Third Grade just in case we need something else to do.

Remember, we are not yet on a schedule so those times you see at the top mean nothing this week. You'll see as the week goes on though, that I'm trying to create the routine. Baby steps! :)

In my plans you might notice something called, "Teach Me Math." This is unit 1 of my math curriculum for my thirdies this year. It works well with the Math Workshop model. It has whole group lessons, whole group activities, partner/independent work and homework! 
We don't have a math curriculum to follow, so, I get to be creative! The first one is all about number sense for the third graders; it can also work for second graders too (mid-year)!

 Head over to follow my TPT store if you want to check it out when it's posted.

If you are interested in Teach Me Math you can grab it here!

If you plan to do math workshop in your third grade classroom this year, then I HIGHLY recommend these math stations! They provide great spiral review and they keep the kids engaged all year long!

Here are the freebies shown in the visual plans above.
To get the T-shirt activity click here.
For the 2 truths and a lie, click here.

I hope you enjoy these freebies!

If you would like to read more back to school posts for third grade, then the pictures click below!!

Have a great start to your school year!!


  1. Hey there! I teach 3rd grade, too! You'll love it. Love your plans for the start of school!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! Have a great first week!