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Addition with Regrouping!

The past two weeks my students worked feverishly on addition with regrouping. They came to me with a ton of knowledge on how to distribute and add but had forgotten how to regroup. I wanted to make sure they knew both strategies because both are SO important!

We didn't do anything too crazy, but it was effective and boy have they got it now!

We started the unit off by discussion HOW to regroup. We broke the numbers down into their values and practiced carrying. We watched this video from Learnzillion to help us out!
Then, we practiced adding on our whiteboards. I simply called out addition problems. They solved it, showed me their answers (I wrote on a sticky who wasn't getting it for guided math) and then I had a student walk me through how to solve the problem.

The next day, we worked on identifying the steps we need to use in order to regroup when adding. We worked through a double digit addition problem as a whole class a verbalized our steps.
Then, students worked with a partner on an addition problem I assigned them and they pretended to be each others teacher. They wrote down the steps in their puzzle and taught their partner.

The next day we practiced double digit addition a bit more by making flip-books and using dominoes.

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Students used their dominoes to come up with double, triple or quadruple digit addition problems.
This activity is perfect for differentiation. Students had to decide if their addition problem regrouped or did not regroup. They wrote down their addition problem in the correct column and solved. Easy for me - engaging for them!

The next day, we broke out into our math workshop rotations so I could really help/challenge students!
When students worked on their own they had to be the teacher again and write an out an explaination that you see below.
This is so tough for kids... but, it really helps them learn!

I tell you what... dominoes were my best friend for this unit.
This group is using dominoes to come up with different double digit addition problems.
I had another group do triple digit.
Then, my higher group they did double digit but with three separate double digit numbers:
They had to organize, regroup and solve. It was tough for them... but it challenged them! LOVE the fact that my math blocks allows me to differentiate so well!

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On another day we worked on identifying mistakes in double/triple digit addition problems. Students learned how to recognize why a problem would be wrong if someone forgot to regroup. THEY LOVED THIS!!!! My students felt so empowered during this unit because they felt like they got to teach!!
Here is an example of one of the tasks that were on the activity sheet.
Students used their reasoning skills and identified that the student forgot to carry the one from the tens spot.

To end this unit we colored apples and made an addition booklet!
Inside on each page there are four separate addition problems. Again, some students had double, some had triple. They complete three pages and donezo they were with our unit! I told them this was their test and I got the response of, "This is the best test ever!!!" Got to love them!!! :)

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It's a simple, but effective unit!!
You can grab it here!!


  1. Love the idea of identifying the problem task cards. So simple but really looks effective.
    Early Years with Sheri

    1. It is really simple, but it really makes the kids see WHY they have to regroup. It encourages great discussions too!