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Visual Plans - What?! 1st, 2nd & 3rd FREEBIE too!!

I've been slacking horribly on this whole visual plan thing this year. The second week of school they were scratched onto sticky notes, next week sorta typed out and filled in as a went. Then, the past two weeks-notebook paper. We finally have a routine. I finally know how I want each day to go - so we can FINALLY start typing up these visual plans! I just love pretty lesson plans - it makes me feel all special inside! -Ha! (weirdoooo)??!! You're a teacher- you understand me!

So, here we are:
Just click the picture below to see what we are doing in third grade this week.
Also, there are interactive math journal freebies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade inside!
-If you didn't follow me last year when I taught first... then, I would go look at my old plans... I always tend to put freebies with my lesson plans at least 95% of the time! ha ha. So, keeping up with my visuals could be very, very beneficial for you! ;) The free stuff is not posted in my store.

Some of the things I am using this week are:


We will be reading Charlotte's Web this week to help us work on plot!

I'll be back soon to share what we did last week with you all! Until then, have a great Sunday!
Who dey!!

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  1. Thanks for the freebies my class is loving interactive notebooks right now :)
    Early Years with Sheri