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Confession: I Over-plan... Peek at my week!

I can post my plans again this week and it really wasn't that hard to do... because I really and I mean really over-planned last week... so, needless to say, I have a lot of stuff left over from last week that we can do this week... like social studies and grammar. You know, the stuff that is already hard to squeeze in anyway! Last week we had teachers coming in and a fire truck visit that made a few things last a big longer than planned... hence-social studies didn't happen last week. Hopefully we get through it this week so we can start some science fun!

This week in math I am using my Multi-Steps Word Problem packet for math.
I can't wait to break into it because it really breaks down the different word problems for my students and I HOPE it helps them grasp this tough concept.

In math stations this week we are still using my October Math Stations.

We are also using some of our Football Math Stations as well!

This week in my plans I have a 5 day freebie for you and I'm calling it quick math. It's an idea I got in blog land and I use it at least 4 days a week to help students review math concepts. It doesn't take long at all and it's so fun! My kids ask if we are doing it everyday!

Tomorrow, I am also starting conferences (ALREADY?!) and I have a freebie in my store that I use to organize my thoughts when I am conferring with parents.

Enjoy your week! I'm headed to school this Sunday afternoon to prep for the week and conferences while hoping this 5 day headache I've had finally goes away!! :-P

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  1. Thanks for the conference freebie- perfect timing for me. Your visual plans look so cute. I want to learn how to do this. Good luck with conferences and I hope that headache goes away. Have a great week!