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Friday Funday!!

This week we've been 'elapsed timing' our lives away and we've got it! (the majority of us) You know how that works! At the beginning of the week we completed elapsed time activities together and focused on telling time to the nearest minute and today... well... we were rockin' word problems and solving elapsed time task cards outside of the hour!! I've got a room full of hard little workers!

So, here is what we did today for our Friday Funday!
I set up four stations, each with a different task. Students grabbed a friend to work with and off they went. I did allow students to choose the order they completed the tasks and I just facilitated and helped where it was needed. The kids had fun and there was tons of math talk!
Our four stations were: word problems in our interactive math journal, elapsed time task cards, elapsed time monster cards & adapted mind on ipads.
At this station I allowed students to make their own recording forms. They were so creative and loved it! This little gal made a 'turkey' recording form! :)
Students also worked with the monster task cards to determine elapsed time when given a start and an end time.
*Pardon the fact that I didn't take any other pictures* 

After the students finished their stations they got to make a turkey and attach a recording form of their choice! Today was seriously all about review, fun and choice! Oh, elapsed time & turkeys too!

Have a happy weekend! I'll be back soon to share more fun with you!!

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