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Our Two Day Week is AWESOME!

So, if you know me... you know my brain never ever stops turning when it comes to the 'fun stuff!' Even though I am out of first grade, I still want to make the Holidays special and an awesome learning experience for my students. It is hard to 'theme' things up in third but-the perfect book was brought to my attention and I went wild!

I began thinking of all of the fun things we can do with the book while still practicing our ever so important literary skills... "Thank You, Sarah" Literacy Resources were born! Although, I am upset that I can't get to them all... I am excited that next year-I will have an amazing book and resource to grab!

I found this book to late to be able to purchase it so I will be using the youtube version for my instruction. Thank goodness for youtube... I tell ya! Next year... we'll have the real deal!

Here are just a few of the activities included in the, "Thank You, Sarah Literacy Resources" packet that I created!

Before we begin reading we will begin with synthesizing. We will review and fill out our first box with all of our thoughts. Then, about half way through I'll pause and we will fill out the second. At the end we will fill in our last box and discuss how our thinking has changed.

This week we will also be going over Characterization once again and really digging in with this simple craftivity you see below!

 We are going to work on providing evidence to support our character traits.
We will first answer questions based on Sarah and then go even further with our craft.

We will also be working on deep thinking comprehension questions with our foldable that you see below.

 Then, we will see what else we can fit in... for the first time ever... I wish I didn't have 3 more days off school this week... I just love this stuff & I want to use it all!

If you are interested in this unit you can grab it here or enter the giveaway below!!
Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher & I are joining each other for a quick little giveaway! You can win her new Thank You, Sarah product along with mine! Just enter below!

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I've also typed up my plans for this week so you can see what else we are up to!
We are finishing up our elapsed time unit with a journal activity, interactive math activities and a menu board from Diary of a Wimpy Teacher (this girl is amazing)!
Yep... ROCKS!! I can't wait! I purchased Hope King's unit and I am also using Tanja's awesome rock unit as well!

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun debate activity that we did last week!! It's oh so fun!

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