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$1.00 item day!

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Merry Teaching is extra fun! Rachel and I are back and putting our number one wish listed item on sale for only $1.00!!!

I've marked my most wish-listed item way down. My most with listed item is only $1.00 today & today only! It is a favorite of many and one that I LOVED when I taught first grade.

My $1.00 item today is my Interactive Math Journal!

Also, last year around this time I promised that a set 2 would be coming soon. It hasn't yet come but, guess what? It's in the works!! Here is a sneak peak! ;)
I am hoping to have it posted near the end of December!! So, follow my tpt store so you know when it becomes available!!

Today, Rachel has discounted her AWESOME Reading Genre and Text Types Posters. These are seriously the cutest posters ever and so useful & practical too!

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what we have in store for you!!

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