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It day deuce!

Did you enter our giveaway yesterday and earn your freebie?  I sure hope so because it may be gone until next year! Today, you're earning a freebie from me... and trust me - you want it! (it'll be gone after today) :-o

In case you weren't able to join us for day one of our 12 Days of Merry Teaching-"this is how we do it.." (you know that song right?) Oh yah... bring it back-Montell Jordan (click his name to jam as you enter away)!

Today you can enter to win these items:
(I would do it if I were you... there is a freebie waiting for you after you enter)
An extra 'entry' may or may not appear with a link to your freebie... hmmm....? ;)

Jessica's Language Task Cards (Holiday Edition!)and Rachel's Winter Holidays PowerPoints! that are currently getting a facelift with photos, so she will be sure the winner gets those as well!

I am totally snatching this photo from a follower on my Instagram who used the Language Task Cards yesterday! They're so much fun!!

Good Luck! And don't forget to download your free item from me today, because tomorrow it'll be gone!!

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  1. Thank you for more great freebies :) I am loving it!
    Sheri :)