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More Multiplication!

I updated you a few days ago and showed you what we did on our first day of learning multiplication.
I'm here to update you with the rest before I fall behind and forget what we did! :)

All last week, we did a LOT of exploring with manipulatives! We talked a lot, read two books, worked with repeated addition, arrays, groups and learned vocabulary.

We didn't complete many worksheets... So, what I am about to show you may or not make sense. Just keep in mind that we spent all last week learning bit by bit and exploring!!

We read, Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream and then searched the room for arrays. We wrote a list of items in the classroom that had arrays and shared them with one another. During the reading, there were a ton of great discussion points that you can find here.

Since the day prior we learned about grouping and repeated addition, on day 2 we were introduced to the multiplication fact table. Students used their new learning to create arrays and area tables to practice their multiplication facts.

Students got their facts from using multiplication dice. We call it, dice in dice! ha!

Another book we read is called, "Stacks of Trouble."
This book helped us review multiplication in equal groups!

After we read the book, had discussion, and learned vocabulary - we explored some more!
**Don't you just love my anchor charts?** I don't have time! lol
Students wrote their new vocabulary into their math notebooks and illustrated a picture to show what it meant.

Here is our exploration again:

My students are at varied levels. I basically set stuff out and told them to go where they needed to go. I helped scaffold learning as they explored!
On Friday, we went over arrays one last time and students had a quick assessment. As in... on sticky notes!! I created some arrays, projected them on the board and students wrote their multiplication problem on a sticky. It is the perfect way to see who gets it and who doesn't!

After our quick check students broke out into math workshop.
You can grab this activity here.
Here are more activities (not multiplication related) from our Friday Funday!
Every Friday, I have students do math stations no matter what - I walk around and help students on concepts that they need help with. We always review old concepts through our math tubs! We don't want to forget!

I'll be back tomorrow with information on Literature Circles in my classroom & a freebie!

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