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Reading Response Flips - Cut and Glue it!

I love having my students respond to reading response prompts! It really allows them to critically think about what they're reading and respond in a meaningful way! I always struggled with finding the perfect way to place meaningful questions in my students hands and then one day it dawned on me! Just cut, choose a question, glue it down and respond!

I created a product that is so easy to use in the classroom and really encourages students to think critically about their text!

This product has 48 fiction and 48 non-fiction reading response questions/prompts. Each page has four thought provoking questions to allow students to have choice. Each page covers different comprehension concepts. 

Here is how it works!

To get them started students just need to place glue on the spine of the flip-book.

Once they read and have it glued down they can choose a 'just right' question to answer during reading response time! I have a reading response station that students visit each day. Sometimes these take them one day and something it takes them 2-3 days!

When they are ready to answer, they simply cut out he question and glue it on a new page.

What happens when they run out of questions?!!

Give them a new set of questions to answer. They simply glue it over the old spine! No wasted pages in that previous reading response journal!

Then, they follow the same pattern!

After they complete a reading response allow them to look at the rubric to see if they did their best!

There are a ton of these included! 48 fiction and 48 non-fiction! They're a simple way to mix up the types of questions answered during reading response time and they really encourage students to think critically!

If you are interested in these then you can grab them here!

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