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Snowing in the Classroom! - Multiplication Game

Today was seriously so much fun! This week we've had two snow/cold days and today we were learning our x1 facts. I looked in my little multiplication book to see the x1 lesson and I just wasn't excited for it... like at all! So, in popped a multiplication game idea. I stopped at wally world, bought 400 cotton balls, 100 bowls and paper plates. Wrote the numbers 1-12 on the bowls and we were ready!

We learned and played two different games today! 
In one game students got to throw snowflakes: The students were zoned in and paying attention as soon as they found out they got to throw something!... and it was safe! :)

 How to play game #1: Grab one paper plate and 12 cotton balls. Have students grab a partner. One partner throws the 12 cotton balls into the air while the student with the paper plate tries to catch as many cotton balls as possible. Then students multiply the number of cotton balls caught by which ever factor you assign. We worked on x1 facts today and used the plate as showing one group. After students threw and caught their snowflakes then they wrote down their multiplication fact and solved it!

Here you see the kids counting the snowflakes on their paper-plate to come up with their multiplication fact.

How to play game #2: You need 12 bowls and simply write numbers 1-12 inside of the bowls. I asked students to take 3 snowballs (cotton balls) with them and take three steps away from the bowls. Toss the snowballs into the bowls and then write down your multiplication problem. Students first worked on their x1 facts. So, as you see below the snowball landed in bowl three. The students problem was 1x3=3. Once students completed their x1 fact boxes they were able to practice their x2, x5 and x10 facts. So, below would be 2x3=6. You can really do this game with any factors!

Here you see students playing the game! Let me tell you... the boys got INTO it!!! Competition at its finest while learning their facts! Score!! 

That's about all! It's so fun and simple! I love this game because I can whip it out at anytime when we need to move a little and have a little fun! Also... all of these materials can be used next year and the year after and the year after that!! :) 

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  1. I LOVE these game ideas! We are getting into multiplication next week.. I can't wait to play these! HOW FUN! Thanks for sharing, Jess! :)