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Editable Station Checklists!

I'm so excited to finally share my station checklists with you! Last year, I tried out all different versions. Thankfully, the kids stuck with me! I love that kids are resilient! I combined my favorites into an editable pack to share. 

There are four different checklist options available! 
See below for the explanations!

Remember: All text on these checklists are editable. 
So, if you want to change one to math, or call your reading stations something else, you can!

The four choices include:

The Daily 5 Tracker

This can be changed to any time of literacy or math station tracker. It keeps track of where the students go each day. It also has space provided for students to write their words for the week!

My Daily Stations
(AKA-The Reading Choice Board)

This is the one I used quite a bit in third grade.
Just has a new name now! :-)

This one has options! This one is perfect if you don't have to visit 5 stations a day. I've created checklists that have slots for 2-5 station visits a day. Their is also space for you to determine how frequently students visit each station throughout the week.

The Daily 5 (reading stations) Checklist

This is just a simple checklist. Students check off the stations they visited that day. Don't forget, if you don't do Daily 5, you can change the station names!

Picture Checklist

This checklist includes pictures!! Students color in the picture of the station they visited that day. Unfortunately, this one could not be editable due to copyright. I did provide you with two options.

As a little present for you, I also included little posters!

I hope you can find these useful this year!

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