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Shop till YOU Drop!

Today and tomorrow are the big Back to School Sale days! 
I've been waiting allllll summer to buy a few goodies!

Here are a few goodies you might want to think about grabbing from my little TPT shop to get yourself ready for a rocking school year!!

If you're teaching first grade this year, then you'll definitely want to purchase this little bundle! It has everything you need to get back into the swing of things!

This bundle includes:


I've always had trouble managing who knows which sight words, and how they know which ones they need to practice....So, I created a little system to keep me organized and to keep my students motivated with fun incentives!


Another favorite packet of mine to keep myself organized are these Editable Name Cards. I use these to label book bins, assign students to their guided reading groups and organize math groups!


Also, be sure to stock up on my Interactive Math Journals! They are at an insane price today!!


Also, don't forget to check out my seasonal math and literacy stations!

Happy Shopping!! I hope you save lots of money today!!! :)

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