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Books Bloggers Love: January Edition

Welcome to the January edition of Books Teachers Love! 
I'm here to share a simple comprehension booklet with you to use with "The Mitten" by: Jan Brett!

You can find a copy of the book here if you don't already own it!

If you don't own the book, "The Mitten," then, you can always play it for your kids off of YouTube!

This version is read by Jan Brett!

As I read this story with my class, we work on recalling the animals that crawled into the mitten first. There sure are a lot of them, so it's great practice!

After our first read, we see if we can fit all of the animals into our own mitten! 
It's quite the challenge!!

Then, the next day, we focus on retelling the beginning, middle and ending of the story!

Other quick comprehension skills that we tough on are cause and effect and providing an opinion about the choice the boy made at the beginning of the story!

-Don't mind my misspelling of the word sneeze... ha ha! *Real World*

If you would like to grab this activity, then click here or the cover below!
It's completely free! :-)

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Now, hop onto these other fabulous bloggers to gather more ideas for January!!

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  1. That mitten booklet is just precious. Going to go download it now so I can use it next month! Thank you so much :)