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Retelling Made Simple!

Something I work on every single week with my firsties during guided reading is retelling. We work on it over and over and over again with a splash of other comprehension skills thrown into our book discussions. One time a week during guided reading, I have all of my groups complete some sort of writing activity. The majority of the time, it has been to work on retelling the story. We need constant work on identifying the important parts.

Anyway, I created a little retelling kit to use with my kiddos. We work on the same skill, but it always helps to mix up the 'stuff' we use to keep them (and me) engaged! ;-)

My favorite tool that we use all. of. the. time. is the retelling bookmark. This is perfect when you only have a few minutes left with the group and just need to orally retell the book.

I just keep them in my little guided reading kit and pull them out when we need them!

Sometimes, we use the bookmarks to write about parts in our book.
I just give the students stickies and assign them an element, or tell them to recall the beginning, middle and end.

It really makes planning for guided reading EASY!

As I said up top, we also do some sort of writing activity related to our guided reading story.
The beginning of the year, we focused a lot of just retelling our fiction stories and identifying the different story elements.

I change up our retelling activities week to week. 
Here's some of them!

Some are just simple BME stuff.

Other activities, focus on the story elements!
If I notice a set of students is struggling with certain elements, then I'll pull these quick activities for them to complete. Much of the time, my higher group will complete the larger graphic organizer with their story!

If you're interested in any of these goodies, you can grab them here!!

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