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Books Teachers Love: April Read Alouds

Welcome to a monthly post called, "Books Teachers Love." If you're new to this series, welcome!! Each month, eleven other bloggers and I share ideas for our favorite read alouds for the upcoming month! There are almost ALWAYS free activities included in some of the posts!

My book that I'll be talking about today is an adorable one called, "The Little Raindrop."
It's about the Little Raindrop and all the places it visits when it falls out of the sky. It such a sweet story. It also really lends itself into discussing the water cycle!

This book not only lends itself perfectly to the water cycle, but also sequencing. It's one where you could teach the Circular Story Sequencing. Circular stories follow a round pattern. It begins and ends in the same way like the Mouse books, seasons of the year or life cycles. It has a predictable series of events that returns to the starting point.

To model the circular story structure, I would first help students identify the KEY details in the story: the ones which we feel are most important. I found 6 to be my magical number for this book. Something students could do first is illustrate the 6 key details on 6 different raindrops like you see above.

After students illustrate the important key details, then they can write about each one on the raindrops with lines. 

These raindrops would be fun to place on a large piece of paper and make them into mini-flip books in a circular motion.

If your students are ones that need a little help with just comprehension of the key details, then you could also use the pre-typed key detail raindrops that you see in the picture above. Students order the details, then illustrate to show they can comprehend those parts.

To find the raindrop templates, click here. They're FREEBIES!

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