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Leprechaun Notes

If you're one of the those crazy teachers like me that allow your students to build leprechaun traps inside the classroom, then you definitely want a fun follow up for the kids!

I want my students to find something fun waiting for them at their traps from the leprechaun in the morning! I came up with notes with a picture of our crazy leprechaun that has been causing havoc in our classroom all week long!

I wrote the notes to my kids with my left hand so they didn't think that I WROTE THE NOTES! They would totally make the connection.

I also tried to make a lot of the notes connected to the trap that the kids made!
Like the one you see below, his little note said, "I saw that hole."
The little girl made a hole at the top of the box so the leprechaun would fall inside! It's behind the grass.

If you're interested in using the notes with your kids, you can find them here!

I can't wait to see my student's reactions tomorrow!

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