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My Lesson Plans This Week!

Happy Sunday teacher friends! Guess what day it is for us procrastinators?! It's Planniing DAY! Now, I did mine a little ahead of time to share with you, but I am still going in on this chilly Sunday to go prep it all! Luckily, this week is a low prep kind of week, so it won't take long! I'll also bring my handy helper, my one year old little dude! He's sure to help by taking everything off the shelves and force me to organize it! See, helping!!

Anyway, what you're really here for. The lesson plans. I seriously look at someones visual plans every. single. time. I. plan. I used to do them all the time on my little blog and share them with you. Then, well, I had a baby and life got a tad bit busier. Well, I'm finally learning that if I want anything done, I better get myself out of bed before he does... and as we speak, he's in his room babbling!

A few things we are focusing on this week are: Comparing numbers with place value, retelling stories with Three Billy Goats Gruff & adding Dialogue to our Narrative Stories!

We've been working on our Narrative Stories for about two weeks now. First, we focused on telling the three parts of a story. I used this anchor chart to help show the kids how to organize our thoughts into 3 parts. 

I wrote a small moment story about a time Ezra spilled crayons in the kitchen. I modeled how to write the story in 3 parts! It's super helpful for the kids. You can find the BME printables here for free.

This week, the kids will also be working on retelling 3 parts of a story.
I am SO excited for our activities this week. First, we will just orally retell. Then, I am going to take pictures of each page of one of the books. With a partner, students will sequence the page. As they are doing this, I will ask them to tell me which part they think is the beginning, middle & end.

Once, we get good at that, the students will complete a BME flip-book. I'll introduce the plot chart to help make this easier for them to accomplish. Then, for a final project, the students will create 3 posters to show the BME of one of the stories. Lastly, they write summaries of each part. I am so excited to see how they turn out!

In word work, I am keeping it simple. Some weeks I have time to prep cards and some weeks I don't. This week, I don't have time. I am turning to my Editable, No PREP Word Work activities!

This week, the kids will also continue to focus on comparing numbers with their place value. We'll be playing a few games, doing a few printables and doing some fun spinning stuff at the teacher table for guided math!

The kids have already learned one of the comparison games. This week, they'll learn how to play Order Up! In this game, they take chef hats that indicate the number of tens and ones. The students order 5 numbers from least to greatest based on the number from the card. It's a great way to encourage a little more *thinking* into number ordering!

If you want a closer look at my visual plans to see how I am breaking all this up into a 5 day week. Just click the plans below!

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