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Spring Break Writing

Are you heading back to school from a nice, relaxing spring break? You know those kids are going to want to talk your ear off to tell you all about their spring break. Don't try to prevent it, and don't you think for a second that 20 minutes of share time is going to be enough. I've learned the hard way!

I take their passion for sharing and turn it into a week long writing unit. This allows the children to share all they want about their spring break. They talk about & write about it until they really have nothing left to share. It's a great way to revamp your classroom community and get the jitters out of the kids. You know they're missing their families.

INSIDE THE WRITING UNITThe Spring Break Writing Unit includes important mini-lessons that are great review for really any age.
These are the two mini-lessons included
  • Identifying complete and non-complete sentences
  • Adding detail sentences to each part of your story
A DAY BY DAY LOOKHere is a day by day look at how to teach this Spring Break Writing Unit! It's very simple to do and so engaging for the students!
  • Day One: Brainstorm!
  • Day Two: Complete & Incomplete Sentence Work
  • Day Three: Make your sentences complete
  • Day Four: Adding details to each part of your story
  • Day Five: Publish your writing and complete the craft
A PEEK AT THE ACTIVITIESHere is a peek at the teaching posters and activities included in the mini-unit!
Brainstorming Activity Sheet

 Complete and Incomplete Teaching Poster

Incomplete & Complete Sentence Activity
When we did this, I gave students and brand new brainstorming paper and had them rewrite each part. They had to turn each sentence into a complete sentence!

Adding Details Teaching Poster

Students add details to each part of their story. I just had my kids use their brainstorming sheet. If they ran out of room in their box, they used the back of the paper.

The final product! 

If you are interested in using this mini-unit in your classroom, you can find it by clicking the image below!

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