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First Week Math Lesson Plans

Are you doing your lesson plans and not really sure where to begin? That was me a few years ago before I realized what was the most important thing to teach week ONE of school! I used to think I need to begin my curriculum day one, but no...! Expectations, expectations... and some more expectations!

I am here to share my math lesson plans with YOU for my first week of school! I always start off with the fun stuff... manipulatives! If I can get the kids using manipulatives correctly and playing games with a partner correctly then setting up the rest of my math block is seriously a breeze! No JOKE!

These are my objectives for the first week of school:
I use these to help keep me focused because I do love to get distracted by other things! This keeps me in line with what is actually important!

As you see above, I am not focusing on the standards. Why? Well, because the standards are NOT going to get met if the kids don't know how to interact with materials and one another appropriately. Trust me! Do all this stuff NOW or you WILL be doing it allllll year long!

When setting these expectations, do not give the kids wiggle room to "misbehave" either. 
You need them to learn how to act correctly right away so you CAN get a move on it with your math curriculum.

Okay, now what you came for! Week ONE PLANS!! 
Please keep in mind, I will do my very best to stick to the plans below but if my kids aren't doing well with noise level for example, then we will be reconvening and practicing a LOT!

If you click on the image below, you can download my plans and click on the pictures to be taken to that math activity.

The great thing about week one is that after it's done, the students will already know FOUR math games! Next week, I will begin introducing the technology center and students will begin to rotate through three math stations. We use Ipads in our classroom and a math program called ST Math.

Throughout rotations I will continue to assess students basic understandings of math and look for any red flags so they can be tackled right away!

I hope you found this post helpful!
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  1. Hello Jess, this is the best educational stuff, i am always looking for problem solving lesson plans, you helped me in that, thank you for sharing such a helpful post, keep sharing, :)

  2. Love this! Great focus on visual math :) I'd love to hear how math is going for your students now that we are about halfway through the year. FYI, we just started an ST Math challenge for the break, which you can find and download on our blog. Thank you for being a part of the ST Math community!