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Sight Word Egg Carton FREEBIE Activity

Today, I prepped a little sight word station activity that took me all but ONE hour... to prep the entire year! All you need for this sight word activity is the sight word packet (that I am giving for free), an egg carton and your sight words! I spray painted my egg carton to make it bright and pretty! I would not recommend spray paint though if you want to color your egg carton! It doesn't take very well! :-) I would use tempera paint!

To begin setting up the station, you'll cut out your letters or use letter tiles if you have some. I am putting mine in a pocket chart. To prevent them from sliding, I staple in-between the letters. It works like a charm!

Next, you will want to pick the sight words you want to use for students to practice! I typed out 8 sets of words that range from pre-primer to 2nd grade Dolch sight words.  I printed out all of the words for the year and placed them in labeled baggies so when the kids are ready, I just pull the next bag!

Fold up the words and put them in some sort of cup/container.

After you have everything prepped, find a place in the room to set up your activity! Right now, mine is set up at home because I am too impatient to wait until I get to school to set it up to show you! :-)

Once set up, the kids are ready to go! The students simply, pick one word for each egg slot. They place the word in the egg slot. Then, they read each word. If they can't read a word, they put it back and pick a new one.

After they have their words, then they use their letters to spell each word. They can lay out the letters or they can put them in the egg carton. After the kids spell the words they can do a rainbow write activity or any other word work worksheet you choose.

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If you are interested in this activity, just click the image below! It's free for you!

Thank you!!

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