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We are finally getting to Martin Luther King Jr. this week! I wanted to teach my kiddos about him last week but we had so much going on in the classroom and outside of the classroom. It was a crazy week! I cannot believe I am still going! Anyway, yesterday we filled out our KWL chart about MLK and my kids knew quite a bit! I was extremely proud of them! (They did not know everything yet) So, after we completed the chart together we read a non-fiction text about him.  The text is about how a small boy (MLK) was unable to attend the same school as white children.  The small boy had a dream and grew into a man that made his dream come true.  All people treated each other fairly and boys and girls of all color are now able to go to the same school.

If you would like the book then click on the picture to check it out!

After we read the story about MLK students then wrote about a dream they had. We brainstormed together and I wrote their thoughts on my cute little easel.  Then we practiced giving reasons for our dream.  Students then were sent back to their seats to write about their dream and provide a reason.  Lastly, they of course had to make it FLASHY for the hall way so they could "teach" the rest of our school about Martin Luther King Jr. (this is how I motivate them)! ;)

Here are some of the MLK writings and crafts!

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