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Howdy Ya'll Stations and 100th Day!

These past two weeks have been a whirl wind! We have been working hard on all sorts of new concepts while trying to include a cow boy theme! We also got to celebrate 100th day! It was so fun! We all dressed up like we were 100 years old! Kids came to school with the cutest outfits, canes, glasses, humps in their back and of course; grey hair! My room smelled like baby powder! I wish I could share pictures of my kids but I can't. :( But, here are the pictures I can show!

We will start off with the preparation of the Cowboy Literacy Stations...
My boyfriend helped cut and bag cards... doesn't he look excited?!

Okay, enough pouting... here are the kids having fun!

Math Turn Around Facts

Fix er' up sentences!
ABC Order Sight Words
Synonym Sort Station

Here is our 100 day Celebration!!

We made delicious fruit loop necklaces!

We sorting our 100 items to make sure we brought 100 things! (Some had 101--It was so much fun because they were SO SURE that they brought exactly 100 items!)
100 year old me writings and pictures. These are so cute!

Here is their little 100th day present from me!

If you want the cowboy literacy pack you can head over to my Tpt Store!

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