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New Year Sale and Visuals!

Have you seen all of the wonderful sales going on today?! I have splurged once again on Tpt! That's okay though because my New Years Resolution is to stay ahead for the remainder of this school year!

This girl is going to be busy, busy! The fiance and I are relocating to the Columbus area next year so I will be applying for a new teaching position!.somewhere? I am completely scared... for this reason... what if I don't get to teach next year? I will feel like a lost puppy---that is seriously no lie! It is so hard in Ohio to find a position in the elementary teaching field and I am just nervous about getting an interview!!...then after that getting the job! about a nervous girl right here!

Anyway... back to what this post is really about.

I have created SIX New regular & Winter Themed products over my Winter Break. Yes, I was one busy girl!
Here they are---they're awesome--I'm not just saying that either ha ha! I am digging into them next week!!

Click on any of them to check them out!

I also spent winter break getting ahead and I have ALL of January planned and I am literally excited about each week!! 

But, I'm not going to show you the whole month--too overwhelming so here are my plans for this week. We go back on Thursday and Friday so I planned some New Years fun!!

There are a ton of free clickable items in here so make sure to download as a PDF to find it all.
Click on the pictures!

I also created these cards for my students to follow when they come into the classroom each morning. Some of my kiddos have trouble remembering the order to do things so I am going to try these to see if it'll help. :)

Okie Dokie there you go! Be sure to shop till you drop today!

I got some shopping done on TPT.. now it's time for some Shopping at the mall!!!!! ;)

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  1. I'm sure you will find a new teaching job! I've been following your blog for a few months now and you always have such great ideas! You got this! But, good luck! I would be a nervous wreck myself!

    Missing Tooth Grins