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Day One of My New 2014

This girl is linking up with Blog Hoppin' for a fun New Year Linky! Let's make it a resolution that I participate in each day?! We will see! Especially because I go back to good ol' school tomorrow!! :) Definitely going to be a fun, but very exhausting day back.

Day one is all about fun and family so here are my little 'things' that I want to do in this 2014 year!

We will begin with the Fam Bam! Like everyone, I just want to SEE them more often! With their schedules and my schedule it is always hard to squeeze that it. The person I would really like to see more and if you've kept up on my blog you know how I feel about my Grandma Jan. :) I want to see her more often along with my glorious Mamma. I literally never have as much fun with anyone else than with them. :) I would like to go on more shopping trips and basically just hang out. You really should secretly follow us around the mall one day. We are loud, obnoxious and kind of dingy at times ha ha. We'd give you one good laugh.
 Hey, we're just having a good time! 
This picture basically sums us up!

This summer I will officially become Jessica Hursh (Woa--looks weird) and so this Mr. will be my hubby. This year I want to give him a bit more attention and try not to be so 'whiny.' Yes, I'm a whiner sometimes but it's all for good reasons. He makes me stop my blogging and Tpting to like clean and do laundry and stuff. So, I guess I need to be better about that for him and just flat out spend more time with him as in not sitting beside him on my computer as I am doing now but actually sitting beside him and engaging in conversations about what he likes (yes--gain an interest for Football)---AhH! Did I just say that?!--And Red's baseball other than drooling over Joey Votto.

Welp this photo leads in to my next thing --FUN--!! I flat out just want to have more fun.
Here is my list.
1. I'm really shy --Yes, like extremely shy before I get to know people. I want to STOP IT! I want to meet more people and make some more quality friendships.
Love this quote...
Inspirational and Fun Quote Posters for the Classroom

2. I want to go to a blogger meet-up. !!! Very badly. I have FOMO right now from all the fun I see people having.
Yep, this is so me...ha ha
Have FOMO via @Mariam Mouna "There are two kinds of people in the world. People who talk and people who do. People who do are people who change the world. Half the battle is actually stepping up and doing things. So if you hear something that sounds like it might be a cool opportunity— an event, a party, a conference, a contest, a tweet interaction, a personal project…— jump on it and do it!"

3. I want to see my friends more! Confession: I'm a huge homebody! So, getting me out of the house and to go somewhere is like pulling teeth. I'd much rather have people come over and chill in my pajamas with some snacks and drinks in hand! But, I must say this past weekend was the BEST! My friends and I went to Wendy's Bridal to get them fitten for their bridesmaids dresses and I had SO MUCH FUN! I want to see all of these ladies more. The said part though---dun, dun, dun... ALL but one live out of state!
I could go on and on abut all of the fun I've had with these ladies but then that would just turn into a novel. So, we will just say these are the BEST friends a girl could ask for. :)

 My Matron of Honor!

Well, there we go! I think these are some pretty attainable 2014 goals with fun and family.
Head on over to Blog Hoppin' and link yours up!


  1. Love all the Ohio gear (I'm originally from Dayton) and reading about your upcoming year!

  2. I want to do a meetup too! It looks like so much fun! I'm also getting married - you have a little more time than me though. I'm getting married in April (yikes!) I'm your newest follower!