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Diving Back Into Real Life=My Plans!!

This week we are supposed to be diving back into real life... but, I literally just got a phone call that informed me that we have a snow day tomorrow! Here in good ol' Ohio we are supposed to get lots of snow and below zero temperatures... I'm wondering if we will even have school on Tuesday.?

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to give you a peek at my week and I'm still going to do that. But, you all know that now that we have a snow day that all of this will be different... How so? I'm not sure?..I didn't want to re-do it in case school is canceled on Tuesday too! When we have weeks like this (which have been recent) I don't change my plans I just pretend like day the we go back is Monday and I try to squeeze the important stuff in. If need-be then stuff will carry over into next week or it won't. It all just depends how the kids are grasping the concepts really!

There are a few freebies inside of the file that you may find useful!

I am using lots and lots of my new winter stuff that I created over our winter break--along with other things I purchased. ;) --- I love shopping (on tpt)--Can we just consider Tpt shopping an actual addiction?
Click on the pictures to check out the fun stuff!


Go check out more Visual Plans at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten!

See you later this week with some classroom updates (if we have school)!!


  1. You were busy creating over break! We will not be having a snow day as I live in the stupid desert. I hope you are warm where you are! Love your visual plans!

  2. Yes! Super busy! I needed all kinds of stuff for myself in the classroom so it always serves as a double duty for me! I would love to switch you places and live in the desert as a bit! This cold weather is getting old real fast! ha ha!--& Thanks--glad you love them!!