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The Gingerbread Man Recap!!

Teaching with the Gingerbread Man is seriously so much fun! Here is an outline of some of the fun we did before our Christmas break! We had lots of delays and cancellations so we didn't get to all of the GIngerbread Man fun but I did make sure we go to the EXTRA fun stuff! 

The kids participated in a shared reading retell activity. We read, "The Gingerbread Man" together as a class and then students read their book with a partner. We came back and made a story map to review the 'main parts' in the story.
Students re-read the story the next day and then worked on retelling the stories main parts and organizing it into beginning, middle and end.

Another day, I read the story, "The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School" to students and then they got to complete a fun inference activity! This story is Hiiiiilarious!! 

We tossed around a retell beach ball to practice our retelling skills after reading the story!
You want to talked about engaged... get one of these!
Then, students were put into partners and assigned a very important task... help a girl who WROTE them a letter to find the missing gingerbread Man!!
 I explained the activity to the students and they got right to work! The goal was to look at the clues in their bag that I gave them and try to figure out where the gingerbread man went in the school. It was a great way to work on those ever so important inference skills!!
Students looked through their bag of clues and discussed what each clue meant. Then, they had to write what they thought the clue meant on their inference form. At the end, students wrote a letter to 'Cinnamon' to let her know where they thought the gingerbread man went based on the clues they had in their bag.

The following day we had a two hour delay so our reading block was about 20 minutes long. So, the focus was ABC order! This is something my kids struggle with quite a bit so we completed the first 5 together and then they had to do the last 5!

The Next day was all about our senses!! 
The kids had to use their 5 senses and come up with a descriptive word (adjective) to use to describe their gingerbread man cookie. They came up with a word for each of their 5 senses. 
We brainstormed describing words to go with each of our senses together. We wanted to see how many words we could come up with to describe our cookie with each one of our senses. It was like a little competition between the senses. :)

Then, students completed their five senses page.
They added some yummy icing to their gingerbread cookie and ate it up!
(Notice the Kiddo licking the icing off of the fork---Oh myy)
After the eating and excitement was over students completed their 5 senses paragraph. (standard HIT!)

After all of this fun we were about to end our Gingerbread Man Unit! We of course had to somehow squeeze in a story response and a craft. Originally, we were going to do lots of comparing and contrasting but with all of the delays and cancellations it just was not possible.

We read this cute story... **(Love)**

Then we completed a story response form together and a cute little craft!
You will notice that they all look a bit different... I like giving a lot of freedom to the kids when they do crafts because then I get to see their cute little personalities and creativity come to life! :) I gave them the templates, cut up pieces of blue and pink paper and just let them go!!

That same day we also fit in some fun math explorations and we broke into our Gingerbread Man math station activities. I only snapped one picture though. 

I hope your enjoying you break! I will be back soon with some visual plans for Jan 2 and 3!! ---YES... we go back this Thursday!!!!! Bahh

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