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My Readers Workshop

Reading Workshop was something that was SO HARD for me to wrap my head around. I'm coming from first grade, stations-movement, hands-on ... always on the go, go, go. Now, I'm in third grade and their reading and working stamina is so well developed. My kids LOVE to read. I've been battling with myself, "Should I do stations, should I do readers workshop or can I combine them in some way?" I'm still in experimental mode, but, I am feeling like it's all coming together. So, here a bit of what I'm doing in my classroom!

If you are wondering what I am using right now to guide my instruction it is......

Ashleigh Swinford created an amazing guided reading bundle! I highly recommend this!
It is helping me SO MUCH this year! It gives me a timeline, texts to use and a variety of ways to teach the concepts. The kids are loving it, they're learning from it and so am I!

3rd-5th Grade Guided Reading BUNDLE {Aligned to Common Core}

I also like to visit this webpage when I have questions:
This video is awesome to really see readers workshop in action:

I'll be back to share more about my Readers Workshops, but, for now... I hope this can help you out!! :)

Have a happy weekend!!

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