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Books Bloggers Love: October Edition

The book I am talking about this month isn't an 'Octobery' one. It's one that can definitely be incorporated into the October fun, but can also teach students a great lesson. This book was introduced to me in college, and I fell in love. I've read it every year! I don't do anything crazy with it, but the possibilities are just endless! I wanted to share some ideas with you this month!

The book is called, "Paper Bag Princess."

Here is a little summary of the book:

Elizabeth is a beautiful princess who is going to marry a prince named Ronald. One day, a dragon takes Ronald away. Elizabeth sets out to get Ronald back from the dragon. Because the dragon had burned all of her clothes, the only thing she could find to wear was a paper bag.

Princess Elizabeth went to the dragon's cave but the dragon would not let her in. Elizabeth tried talking to him and asking him to show her what he could do. He showed her how he could burn down forests and tried to impress her with how fast he could fly around the world. Elizabeth giggled. She had outsmarted the dragon by getting him to use up the rest of his fire and energy.

When the dragon fell asleep, she walked into the cave and rescued Ronald. When Ronald saw how Elizabeth was dressed, he told her to come back when she looked like a proper princess. Elizabeth realized her unappreciative prince was not the one for her and she didn't marry him after all.

I love to use this book for respond to reading activities. It has great situations that can really cause students to think. There is also a great moral to the story!

This book can be used to work on summarizing skills!

I love to tell the kids that they are going to pretend to be newscasters! They have to fill in the TV screens with the major events from the book.

Then, students use those events to write a summary!

I also like students to think about a 'what if?' situation!
It's great to get those wheels turning and to get our pencils writing!

A little grammar doesn't hurt either! ;-)

Then, to top it all off.... you can't read this book without talking about the meaning of the story!
Does it really matter that the girl wore a paper bag? Does this make her a bad person? NO!
So, as always...

Use these as simple bookmarks. Have students think about this and write about what it means on the back! Laminate these for durability! :-)

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