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Holiday Activities

 Last week was all about the gingerbread man and students had a ball!  We did a lot of writing and the students made little books to take home to parents.  We learned about our 5 senses by using a gingerbread cookies and then wrote about our cookies! Below are some picture... the kids told me we should do lessons with food more often ;) lol

 This week was all about reindeer.  We began reading non-fiction text... which they love and so do I.  They finally get in new and meaningful vocabulary.  Today students learned about herbivores. We talked about how they do not eat meat... so they do not eat any chicken nuggest, no turkey, no animals in the woods... etc.  They got a good laugh out of it and I bet it sticks! ;)

Here is a picture of one of the kiddos reindeer book that they are creating for a christmas present.  We will be wrapping these up in wrapping paper and students will put them under their tree for their parents.  (They're idea) 

Monday we will be making Reindeer Glymph's and then doing some math activities with it.

The reindeer lesson is from Deanna Jump's Reindeer unit.  You can get it on TPT.

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