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Literacy Stations

I am so excited about my new revamp of my literacy stations! I completely made it over and it is less stressful and the kids are more engaged and not acting out as much (still have those few... but not as bad).  

Here is a picture of my rotation board (kids love it)!

I gave each group a silly name: Power Towers, Goofy Gobsters, Tricky Ricks, Silly Willies and Cheery Chompers. 

 They are so proud to be a part of their team!  Students are responsible for completing the activity at their first station.  When they complete that then they may move onto their next station.  I added some new stations this week onto my board that are not on the picture below.  (Science, and Sorting (aka another word work).  I also only have students do read to self during the stations and we do read to a partner after stations for 10 minutes as a whole class.  Great time for me to do 2 running records a day.

(Got these from Deanna Jump's Blog)

This is where all of my stations are kept.  YES, I said ALL!  I have each station placed inside a bin.  A station captain comes over to this and takes out their station drawer.  This drawer set is the best invention ever.  It has a lid that clicks and it comes all of the way out! It is great! I got it from Joanne Fabrics! Highly recommend it!

I also have to brag... I got an El' cheepo laminator... but I am sooo excited! I was laminating my cards to my walrus digraph center activity pack!

Then I am trying to be a good blogger and Tpt seller by taking pictures of my kiddos doing my activities.  
Today was the first day they tried out my own creations! I was so excited to see my work in action!
Here are a few pictures and if you want some of these pack I will put links at the bottom of my blog!

Here is the Arctic Animal Digraph Pack in action!
Students sort words, and pictures under a heading.  Then they record the words by the correct picture!
Here is a quote from my little one in the second picture, "THIS IS ACTUALLY FUN!" ha ha yaayyy!

Next, I have my students working on sorting long a and short a.  I created a winter pack for this one! Here it is!  She loved it and it was nice to see them actually sounding them out and thinking about long and short a vowel sounds! Yay!

That is all for today! I need to get some papers graded! Grade cards and professional binders are due next week!  Never ending work! I hope next year is easier!  I won't have to recreate everything each year right?

Packs if you are interested!
Arctic animal digraph

Short and Long Vowel Winter Sort

This is a freebie: 
Something I am using to differentiate my digraph station for my higher kiddos.

Searching for digraphs (ch, th, sh, wh)

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